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Issues that benefit from hypnosis are numerous. Here are just a few examples of what I can assist you with:

More Self Love . Self Confidence•   Grief and Loss   •   Anxiety   •   Letting Go

Releasing Stuck Energy   •   Trauma   •   Relationships   •   Health Issues

Spiritual Connection   •   Finances   •   Past Lives   •   Explore the Interlife or lives between lives.

I am a guide to your subconscious mind where your most powerful Self resides. The Subconscious mind has everything about you in it, all events and everything you have absorbed as a child, all the habitats and behavioral patterns, all programming. So unbeknownst to you it run your life. The results of hypnotherapy can be life-changing. I can help you master the art of reprogramming  your Subconscious mind. With gentleness, I am able to guide you to your greatest healing and understanding. My intention is to create a safe space for deep healing, resulting in greater self-love. 

I have studied Spirituality for 25 years and hypnotherapy since 2011. The angels are my co-workers and God is my boss. With empathic intuition and in a safe environment, I listen to your story to find what issue(s) we need to address in your session. 

Hypnosis cannot force the client to do anything that they would not ordinarily do. The client remains completely aware of their surroundings and situation. Hypnosis is a natural state, like breathing. Your motivation and readiness, as well as their relationship with the therapist, are major factors leading to the success of hypnotherapy.  

Robin Alber's Formal Training: 

Hypnotherapy Acadamy of America

Graduated January 2011

Hypnotherapy Training

Inner Child-Self Love

Clinical Hypnotherapy Healing/Pain

Natal Regression 

Past Life Regression 

Interlife Exploration

is a great website for more information.

In Durango, CO. I was an extension to Mercy Family Medicine-Horse Gulch, RN Lexy for 5 years.

I have been guided to live in Taos, NM

My dreams have been coming to fruition. listen to your gut, your guidance, it can take you to Your Happy place.

One session can change your life! 

Hour 1/2 - 2 Hrs  Hypnotherapy Session: $150 

you can heal several issues in one session, they're all connected.

I live and work in magical Taos, NM.

To make an appointment: 575-425-0686

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